Monday, July 5, 2010

The Meet Inbetween

The lectures were mostly just as they were expected to be - boring. Even the DAAD people knew that. I don't know how much their investments on us would be worth it from their side, but from our side, it was totally worth it.

Most of the students brought the competition to Berlin, in this case trying to show that they had toured better than the rest. So, basically both in the lecture halls and outside, a lot was spoken, but only a few were there to listen.

Of the nursery school of 250 DAAD students, Manisha Miss was the class teacher, and Anuroopa Madam was the principal. Their appearances and their way of controlling us (sometimes with fingers on lips) made the whole setting a wonderful fit for the analogy.
The lectures were held in this university

On day 1, we had a dinner at the Indian Embassy. There we met an embassy official, who is IITK alumnus.

On day 2, just before the match, we had a 1.5 hour whirlpool bus tour, but well guided. The sad part was that there was just one stop nd that too for less than three minutes.

At Aldershof, there were supposed to be some science tours, but it did not stand a chance again Argentina-Germany. The DAAD organizers knew that, and they arranged for its screening. Of course, most of the viewers were Germany supporters. Some don't even understand what an yellow card is, or what offside means, but they still had the germany colours painted on their cheeks. Strangely though, there were some rebels too, who complained that they wanted the science tours. I mean if you don't like football, you can sit quietly too.

In the end there was a Bollywood Dance Party. After the 4-0 drubbing, people were in mood to dance a lot. I stayed aloof. Rather I enjoyed a game or two of fussball (table football, and not the German meaning where fußball, pronounced as fussball stands for normal football).

Anyway, for this whole trip I am extremely grateful to DAAD. However, next day, while leaving I didn't find all the individuals I wanted to thank personally.

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