Friday, July 16, 2010

Fun and Food

Ashwin at the start of the internship: " Germans are quiet. They always follow rules."

Ashwin while returning back: "Man, Germans are crazy."

So what exactly happened in between : " FIFA World cup 2010 "

Literally half of the city meeting at one square, german flags everywhere. everyone everywhere dancing to the tune of some german songs played at central square. Thousands of supporters singing : " Super Deutschland, Super Deutschland, Ole Ole ". No traffic rules being followed. So much noise in streets that Kolkata all of a sudden seems so quiet. This is football in Germany. This is the crazy side of Germany.

Other than this what I would probably miss is the variety of food I had the chance to taste in this journey. From turkish food ( doner kebaps, lahmacun, pide ) to italian ( pizzas, pastas) to some mouthwatering german breads (pretzel) and other items like auflauf and traditional arabic meals. We also tried traditional german beer and wine. My favourite is the doner kebap , Italian ice cream and rose wine.

That's it. Hope you enjoyed as much in reading the blog as we did in sharing our experiences.


  1. Diptrix, who is going to write about the fact that K'naan came to your city for a live show ?!?

    The importance of football in Germany can be gauged from the fact that the event of Heidelberg Castle Fireworks which drew international tourists was postponed by 30 minutes to allow for a world cup match featuring Germany to end.
    And at all the public screenings, amidst the Red, Yellow and Black, and rampant vuvuzelas, one could get free beer (and free kisses) if Germany won...

    Btw, we missed Paul, the octopus when we went to Berlin. Din't know the soothsayer was right there

  2. yes exactly. K'naan coming to aachen was pretty surprising. If cricket is religion in india then football is prob Rajnikant for them :P.