Friday, July 16, 2010


  • According to some people the only reason one should go to a place is to take photos, and the only reason one should take photos is to prove that they have been there. One guy said in a serious tone, "There is no use going to CERN for a tour, because they don't allow you to take pictures."
  • One day a Chinese PhD student applying for a job wanted me to check his grammar. He approached me, "You are an Indian, right? So your English must be good."
  • If an IITian says he is jetlagged, he must be lying.
  • People here don't eat from each others' plates, at least in public, with an exception for their partners. So they might have the wrong notion, if they see two guys sharing food.
  • To an Indian, money is foremost. One guy, caught ticketless on a train. The TT charges him the standard fine of 40 euros. The guy asks, "Isn't there a students' discount?"
  • All German men from the past, present and future are(/were/will be) taller than me, with the exception of Adolf Hitler.
    Seriously speaking, at least 80% of the men, and about 50% of the women from Germany are taller than me.
  • We have been continously monitoring this site -
    Also, by now, many of us can multiply any number between 55 and 60, with any arbit number even in their sleep.
  • At the Venice Airport, some airport official was calling passengers headed for Bucharest to a different queue. Out of a group of Indian students, one tried to go and join the new line as it was small. One of his friends warned him, "This is not for us." and added, "This is for people who booked their tickets early. It is called something like Bookarest here."
    I hope they make it home safely.
  • People get large sums of money (a few hundred euros per month) from the government for keeping pets, but the owners end up spending even more than that on their pets.
  • One day Diptarka expressed his wish to play football with one of his office mates. The guy looked up his own schedule, and decided when it would be most suited for him, then he looked up the timetable of others to see who all will be available at that time. After this, he used a randomizer program to make two teams out of the available people. Then he sent a mail with the details of the time, venue and teams to everyone concerned.
  • Another of Diptarka's office mates was reallly crazy about Aishwarya Rai:-
    His first question: " Do you know her ?"
    Second : " Do you know her phone no. ? "
    Third : " Do you know her address? I want to write a post card telling that 'Thomas loves you '. "
  • Ja (pronounced as Ya) has been the official food sponsors for this tour. Three cheers for Ja !!!
  • The German for Bye is Tchuss (pronounced as ‘choos’)

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  1. One more :-
    Scene: Three Indians students (Shubhayu, Bhatele and a Y8) and an American couple in a train in Rome.
    Having been bored by the uncharacteristic delay, Bhatele taking out his earphones says, “Let me put my ear dil** back on”, and immediately realizes that the couple might have heard it. After some time, the Indians start conversing with them, and then all of a sudden the American guy asks, “Do you like ‘phawn’?” The Indians, visibly hesitant and a bit surprised at him asking about porn, right in front of his partner, and to strangers; but they accept it recounting that they have already seen the Westerners to be very open about stuff. Bhatele asks, “Are you asking this in relation to what I said earlier?” The girl assures him, “No, this is not related to that.”
    To the feeble responses from the Indians, the American guy continues, “I have heard it is very common in India. I have tried it a few times, but I am not too good at it. I guess it requires lots of practice.” It took the Indians quite some time to realize that he was actually talking about ‘paan’.