Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some more of Heidelberg

Since I was perched somewhere on the hill, I did not have the opportunity to go to the city too often, except during the weekends, when I went out of the city. Last weekend I made a few trips. One day it was for the PhD celebrations of 3 students of MPIK. There is a tradition of them being taken around in a cart (or just seats on wheels) all over the city, and for some stretch even the guide of the PhD student has to push/pull. Starting from Philosophenweg, Bettina and co. were taken right through Hauptstrasse to the old bridge, and then finally we rested on the bank of Neckar.

Another day I went to see the oldest fossil in Europe, that of a Homo Heidelbergensis, dating back to about half a million years. This and other interesting fossils of dinosaurs and mammoths, and some rare rocks are on display at the Geologisches Museum of Heidelberg.
Jaw of a Homo Heidelbergensis

A shop on Hauptstrasse selling traditional German food stuff

And then, on the 10th of July, there was this event which is carried out only 3 days every year, called the Castle Illuminations. Pretty impressive fireworks. More so because in spite of being late to go to Philosophers' Walk, I managed to get the best spot between two professional photographers.

Finally, the day before my scheduled return, Siva gave me a treat which revolved around Arabian food, and Tequila & Rum cocktails, and lots and lots of discussions…

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